"Luck is believing you're lucky." Tennessee Williams

"Let it go"



highlights of the year:
  • chanel show at saatchi re-creating the St Tropez cruise show, walking down the saatchi gallery bare foot to 'crazy in love' with a bikini and leather shorts is amazing
  • flying to the middle of nowhere in Holland with a group of friends and spending more time in local pubs and walking the little streets at night than anything else
  • shooting in Spain with a super cool team and eating at the most surreal restaurants every night
  • learning that all guys, including models, can be jerk



This is the closest i will go to personal style shots. Currently back in love with my leather chaps - which by the way are ridiculously warm! you'd be surprised...i would love to pair them with a fannie schiavoni chainmail waistcoat, but sadly my money is going towards christmas gifts for the family! and not in Liberty.
Last week i shot with POP Magazine which was super exciting, the shoot was for a 30 page editorial tribute and shot by Mark Lebons a amazing 80s photographer they brought back for the shoot. Anyway i'm ill so spending the weekend not christmas shopping but focusing on my project on hand. 10 pages! before the 3rd...



Currently obsessed with summer, layering thin pieces over each other, heavy body armour, harnesses, ankle wedges and leather over digital prints.