People seem to be discussing the new Rag & Bone campaign a lot, I personally agree that the models are distracting and you end up concentrating on them than their clothes but i do love the concept of them taking the photos themselves. On the other hand Replay SS11's campaign featuring Erin Wasson and Emily Didonato is one of my all time favourites, it is a combination of playful summer bliss meets natural beauties and the clothes look ridiculously cool. Now if only summer would come quickily...


Lose yourself to find yourself



 shot by Rafael Stahelin 



Over the 6 months i have been planing and designing a collection of jewellery which has grown into a bigger project than i thought it would. It began by my frustration of not having a Bliss Lau body chain, i then decided to buy some chains and create my own. I then wanted a armour ring, i searched long and hard and now i look like Iron Man. I then started to think about smaller, more intimate and more feminine pieces. Inspired by Lowluv by Erin Wasson, Pamela Love and Fannie Schiavoni I wanted to create a piece which is simply unique but affordable. Almost every blogger i know loves Pamela Love, but can we afford to spend £800 on a Talon cuff? No. 

The first piece is the 'Band of Skulls' bracelet
Currently coming in Antique Gold and Tribal Silver. All pieces will be hand-made in London's Picadilly Circus and take between 1-2 weeks to make. We ship internationally so please ask and every piece can be measured to suit your wrist size. All components are sourced from around the world and hand picked for each design. More to come!