So i woke up at the crack of dawn and headed out of London to the countryside, Wembley for the overexposed and incredibly overrated Angels sale which was apparently going to be amazing.
I figured that there may be a queue but after hearing so much about it i thought it must be worthwhile, so off i went excited and happy about what i'd find.
I dreamt Christian Dior skirts and cute leather bags, jewelled bracelets and fur coats. The reality was a 4 hour queue in the freezing cold with 5000 other vintage-lovers who beat it out to get ahead in the line.
When i finally got inside, i could have cried. There were blazers. lots of blazers. hundreds of blazers. millions. But that was it, mens blazers seem to overcrowd the already crowded room.
A wall with the sign "1960" should have been filled, but the boxes displayed tattered blazers and more.
There was nothing, and i had wasted 4 hours in the cold for no reason. Did any of you go? and if so, did you find anything worthwhile?