GOODBYE Paul & Joe

Amongst all the other cute boutiques on Marylebone High Street, Paul & Joe has always sat firmly in the middle comfortably. As a regular around that area i always find myself walking in and finding something i fall in love with, this time it was a amazing grey cashmere jumper with amazing beading on the shoulders, all for the small fortune of £525.
Sadly my funds don't go that far and i told myself i'd go back if it went down to less than £200, there was a brief sale in the beginning of January where it was £350 or something along those lines and i got out the plastic and everything but then something else caught my eye and i realized that if i bought it i would be over it in a few days so i left it.
Then a few days ago i saw the dreamy 70% Off and i told myself it wasn't true, it couldn't be. I walked in and there it was, size 0 £125. Perfect.
Unfortunately i left it too late, i went back the next day and it was gone.
The moral of the story? don't buy something unless its really worth it, oh and buy it as soon as possible.
Oh and now the store has closed down.