Alexander Wang 9.10

I cant begin to explain how i feel about this collection, its a mixture of surprise, disapppointment and awe. The collection is by far a big change from his usual stuff, sure there are slips of his trademark looks such as the knee length leggings, heavy statement leather shoes, oversized shirts.
But where did the fur come from? the hoods? the structured theme? It feels like Givenchy rather than Alexander Wang.
The dresses were definitely the best looks from the collection, draping and bodycon dresses which could give Herve Leger or Balmain a run for their money. The cut out black leggings were brilliant, and i love the one shoulder detailing.
I'm still questioning the suits, they look like he took Givenchy and cut a hole or two in a random place and called it 'Wang'.
What really confused was what his actual theme was? structured and sophisticated or slouchy(Alexander's tradmark) and edgy?