If there was no Lanvin, i think Reiss would be the original simplicity meets comfort clothing brand. The brand which has suceeded in giving the high street more 'luxe' than bargains, every season the clothes are more refined, and more pricier. I'm not going to lie, i own one top from there but to be honest, the new collection is getting me thinking it might be worthwhile to drop a few hundred in there if only for the feel of cashmere scarfs.
I was walking back from the gym when i literally had a 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' moment and i swear the clothes were speaking to me. The waitcoat is one thing, but the detail? anyone tell me they don't love the little ruffles please don't comment, i am in love.
Even the sweats looks good with it, and i can't believe i just typed that. SWEATS PEOPLE!
If you have some time you should definitely check it out, even though it is pricy i think its a investment brand. The clothes are truly divine and if like me, you can't afford to drop £7000 on a dress from Lanvin then go for the next best thing at Reiss.


p.s the gym is shit.