The 'Britney'




Diamonds aren't a girls best friend

This jacket is crazyyyy


Team Sieber

Caroline Sieber may not Katie Grand, but she is certainly one of the top stylists of this decade and i'm loving her personal wardrobe including this Prada number from last season.



LOVE launch


Sienna was stunning in Alfie, it made me want to grow bangs and leave black kohl on my eyes all the time.



Lily D0naldson working this bodycon cut-out piece.


Want a invite to Junky Styling LFW show?



In Training

Unlike most socialites, i like that Vanessa Traina is willing to work up from the bottom. She could have easily made the most of her 'well moneyed ways' and created a clothing line, or bought her way into a company like Chanel.
Instead she's studied, worked and now she is a assistant stylist. Small steps but she's doing it in Balmain so hey, i'm not complaining. I've never really noticed her simply because her style is that, simple.


Frenching it

I am following street peeper everyday for the latest outfits during fashion week, my current obsession is Paris, as usual. Natasha Poly works that Gucci clutch from last season, Frida really should throw her a few more pieces she sells the brand so well, Emmanuel's assistant proves that being a 'lowly assistant' pays well or at least means contacts as she pulls off a Balmain jacket which we all know cost upwards of a few grand.
The first lady, whom i shall call the frenchie, works the grown-up attire of a classic parisian woman. I'm loving the fur, oh so Carine!

Only in Margiela

Truly the only person who could pull off Margiela pink fur like this. I cant believe Bryan met her!


The Brill Issue

I think its the styling which really caught my eye, even though the clothing helped too, but this Vogue China shoot is so beautiful i had to share. Jen Brill is just a added bonus i guess, i love the fur print on the last photo, reminds me of a decadent Narnia drag coat from the 40s, the ankle boots and fur pelted number is stunning simply because the clothes speak for themselves.
It screams confidence and edge, yet the anonymonity of the colours emphasize the delicacy of the actual scenery.
For the rest check out Wasaki1980's blog, these are just my picks. If you know the stylist please let me know.

Lhuiller Takes NY

I think its safe to say that Lhuiller pretty much rules New York, though we're half way into NYFW i'm already obsessing with this 9.10 collection. The delicate shredding which went into making the sheer design on the top part of the dresses looks more like art than fashion and the simplicity of the presentation-she opted out of a fashion show-put a greater emphasis on the delicacy and intricacy of the clothes.



Alexander Wang 9.10

I cant begin to explain how i feel about this collection, its a mixture of surprise, disapppointment and awe. The collection is by far a big change from his usual stuff, sure there are slips of his trademark looks such as the knee length leggings, heavy statement leather shoes, oversized shirts.
But where did the fur come from? the hoods? the structured theme? It feels like Givenchy rather than Alexander Wang.
The dresses were definitely the best looks from the collection, draping and bodycon dresses which could give Herve Leger or Balmain a run for their money. The cut out black leggings were brilliant, and i love the one shoulder detailing.
I'm still questioning the suits, they look like he took Givenchy and cut a hole or two in a random place and called it 'Wang'.
What really confused was what his actual theme was? structured and sophisticated or slouchy(Alexander's tradmark) and edgy?


The Opening LOVE Magazine

So i popped by the Love magazine Pop Up store launch at Dover Street Market, and viewed the specially made Love products and the magazine. Katie Grand was there of course, she wore tie dye style jeans and a grey cashmere furry thing on the top. Very Balmain.
There were mini cupcakes and champagne, and the things in sale were oh so fabulous. There was a Love bag with hearts decorating it which was very cute, A House of Holland T-shirt from the new range which had a naked Beth Ditto covering her bits with hearts or flowers i think.
Giles Deacon made a pretty cool glittery T-shirt and the magazine was about THISSSSSSSSSSSS fat and looked stunning in real life.
The T-shirts by Gap with the cover of Love were by far the best, i loved them but sadly i went too late and the xs ones had gone.
The preview magazines were stolen before i could get my hands on them, but i did get a good peek and i can tell you it is very good.
Great coverage, big advertising and very very very fancy ed work.

Happy Valentines!





(The Sartorialist)
Sometimes you have one of those days when all you want to do is crawl away from the world and hide. The rain is pouring, its freezing cold, your bank balance is way too low and starbucks is no longer a luxury you can afford.
Happy February.


SPOTTED: Suzy Menkes

I don't know why it tends to happen during lunch hours, but it seems Marylebone High Street is the perfect 'fashion industry breeding ground'.
I spotted the wonderful Suzy Menkes, Fashion editor of The International Herald and possibly one of the most influencial writers of our time. She sits front row only and only talks with the best.
Amazing as ever, she had her little quiff and she was in pret-a-manger then got into a small silver car. Surprisingly not a flash one but i presume its because she lives in Paris, so its probably just a temporary one whilst she's in London for the shows i think.

I was about to go over and say something but she drove off and i was left standing there struggling to hold back to tears. Its like finding a fortune and letting it fly away.




I'm not sure why, but i'm really in love with this chained headband. Anyone ID it?