Beat Wintour at the Lacroix Sale.

Would you like this Lacroix Bolero Silk Jacket for £399? Yes i do too, and will hopefully!
Original price

Yes you read correct, even behind those glasses. Christian Lacroix for 7o% cheaper, and thats no exaggeration. Cocosa the new online invite only private designer sales company are holding a exclusive Christian Lacroix sale starting tomorrow morning at 11am.
As one of their founding members, i have the privilege of having a preview at the best buys of the bunch and i can confidently say its fucking amazing.
Now i'm going to presume a lot of you may not be members so the reason i'm telling you this is not to rub it in your faces, though it certainly would be fun!
However luckily for you, as i am a founding member i get the chance to invite a few people-i think the limit is 5, so comment me back as soon as possible with a good enough reason and your email addresses and i'll invite you in :)

Afterall a helping hand goes a long way.