Members only

For most of us a good night out is slipping out in a new Topshop dress, heading to a local club or perhaps Movida on a really good night and sipping at cocktails and the occasional paper bag if your feeling the credit crunch reaaaaalllyyyy bad.
Members only clubs are over all foreign if not unknown to us commoners who rarely have the chance to even be in that type of place. So the news that-in the midst of this money crisis-a new exclusive Members Only night club aimed at The Fashion Crowd called Molten House will soon open this week where the formally 43 South Molton used to stand in Mayfair.
Not surprisingly Nick Valentine, the name behind Molten House has loosened the bag strings when creating this "regal and rhiad" place, where the rich and Lanvin clad fashionistas can drown their sorrows on martinis amongst faux ostrich seating and silk ceilings.
Maybe its just me but does London need another fancy night club which will only cater to the elite? I can name a good number of clubs which are good enough for the royal, so why not the fashionistas?
According to Vogue, Leah Wood and Daisy Lowe are amongst the A-listers yes A-listers, seriously who are members.
So whilst the rest of us are working 9 to 5pm to make ends meet, cutting out those Starbucks coffees and shopping sprees at Zara-the rich are spending like there's no tomorrow. At least on this side of the ocean, according to The New York Magazine Blog "The Cut" the rich are pretending to be poor to fit in with the rest of us.
Dear God.